The Heritage Villa is a living corner that epitomizes the style with pioneering soul and complication. Part history, part development, and constantly immortal, then guests discover distinctive armature, inventive dining, and appreciate expansive diggings.

The Heritage Villa will assure you that all of the intricate details of your special day will be combined with extraordinary food, superior service within an elegant atmosphere to produce the event of your dreams. Be it an intimate form or a grand affair, the marriages we produce are marked by our striking settings, world- class service and thoughtful, indulgent details.

We work tête-à-tête with you to construct the event that you have envisaged, and to bring those dreams to a reality. Since you have entrusted your special day to The Heritage Villa, the cookery will be unequaled , the service impeccable, and the recollections indelible.

You can tell the nanosecond your guests enter they stop, take a deep breath, and look around the stunning surroundings in wide- eyed awe. That’s when you know, formerly again, that you have chosen the perfect setting for the event you’ll cherish for all the times to come. From classic fineness to fashion-forward ultramodern, European faculty to major air, The Heritage Villa gives a grandstand of settings unlike any other.

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Luxury Rooms.

We believe in functioning in harmony with nature. When that’s achieved, everything comes to its place – this is the least you’ll experience by staying here.

Best Food.

Everything needed for creating special and unique experience is available here. Accept peace of mind and body rejuvenation  directly from nature.

Quality Service.

One of the basic philosophy for any kind of holiday and pleasure is quality – every thing must be set for your comfort, satisfaction and memorable experience

Entertainment & Events

We specialize in arranging business-events. We can help you to dive into your work without a care. Your meeting should be successful, no matter what you aim for.

Our big conference Stonehenge Hall is outfitted with state-of-the-art technical facilities. It is perfect for top level negotiations or board of directors meetings.

On this most special of all days, may you be blessed in countless ways – our wedding organisation will help you to make your wedding being beautiful and stress free. With faith and love and lots of hope, and all the things which help you cope!

Our magnificent venue is also very much fit for hosting any kind of  celebrations and events

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